Club History

February 7, 1914

According to Tennessee history five Jackson business men organized Jackson Country Club on February 7, 1914. The club was founded to promote and afford social pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment of, to and for its members and to encourage and promote athletic sports of all kinds and character for the pleasure and enjoyment of its members.

As the club celebrates its 108th anniversary Jackson Country Club is proud to uphold the tradition of serving its members and their guests. Through various buildings, lean years, war years, and "boom" years, the Club has been at the forefront of social and athletic activities in the Jackson area

As Jackson has changed over the last 100 years, from a small town serviced by local families, to the "hub" of West Tennessee, built by corporate executives and sophisticated professionals, so too has the makeup of the membership of Jackson Country Club. Throughout all these changes the family traditions of Jackson has been preserved and even expanded upon through second and third generations of families belonging to the Club. The ever expanding young adult portion of club membership remains strong and represents over 15% of the total membership. Amenities for kids; swimming, tennis and golf remain at the forefront of Club activities.