All about JCC tennis instruction:

  • All 3 of our USPTA certified pro strongly emphasize modern offensive ball striking techniques to enable our juniors and adults to reach their maximum potential!
  • We start all of our students with the pro-level technique from the beginning so there is nothing to be changed later.  We don’t take shortcuts which will limit potential later to “just get the ball in play now”!
  • We put a strong focus on running proven and statistically sound patterns of play for both singles and doubles.
  • The average point lasts under four shots all the way from 12’s juniors to the top players in the world so we strongly incorporate serve + 1 and return + 1 shot combinations.
  • Our program has produced 30 players who have reached the state finals or played college tennis.
  • Our pros utilize the most advanced training tools available including: I-playmate ball machines able to produce any shot combinations while the pro can stay on the same side of the court as the students, use of Hudl Technique slow motion video which enable us to compare you side by side with the top pros in the world on a frame by frame basis, both indoor courts have full court video capability to be able to watch your lesson or view your point plays and matches, and use of an elevated serving machine to allow for realistic practice of return of serves, and finally our pros also incorporate appropriate and modern hand feeding and ball feeding techniques to push the students continually.